Vinsanto Valdichiana DOC 37,5cl


This caramel colored Vin Santo, is characterized by intense aromas of toffee softened by acacia honey and Mediterranean herbs. On the palate, this sweet wine reveals new and surprising flavors with every sip; fig and almond, mostly.A perfect balance between the acidity and sweetness compliments a sensual finish.


Vintage: 2009
Grape variety: Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia toscana
Altitude: 350 m above sea level
Exposure: Sud
Age of the vines: 11 years
Harvest: By hand, with careful selection of the grapes at the end of september
Winemaking: The grapes are laid out for 3-4 months on straw mats in the “appassitoio” (drying room). They are then softly pressed and the must is transferred in “caratelli” (50-liter oak casks) for a slow, natural fermentation with the aid of an indigenous yeast known as “madre”.
Ageing: 3 years in oak and chestnut wood “caratelli”. , more 3 years in 54 liter Carboy
Bottling: May 2017
Alcohol: 18,5 %
Food recommendations: Delicate desserts and dry cakes at the end of a meal.
Serving suggestions: Enjoy lighly chilled at 12/14 C Thanks to the eight-year ageing period, during which the Vin Santo  goes through a natural oxidization process, this wine’s qualities remain intact for a very long time after the bottle has been opened, if tightly corked and stored in the refrigerator.

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