Extravirgin Olive Oil “La Pievuccia” 50cl bottle


Yellow in colour with lively greenish hues, our extra virgin olive oil reveals delicate aromas of fresh, green grass and artichokes. Silky smooth, round and nutty on your tongue, with a slightly spicy finish.


Olive harvest: 2019
Olive variety:: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Number of olive trees: 1400
Altitude: 350 m above sea level
Age of the olive trees: Centenarian age
Production per plant: 10 kg. (Average)
Harvest: Between October 21nd and early November. We pick our olives in the sunny hours of the day, manually. The olives are then transported directly to the olive mill where they are washed and processed the same day.
Crushing: The crushing system runs on discs, which helps reduce trauma to the olives and thereby conserves more of the properties of the fruit itself.

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