2020 Offer


This 2020 Easter Offer (12 assorted exceptional products) entitles you to free shipping to all the country we sell to. And, moreover, any other bottle you’ll add to your order, selected from our shop, will enjoy free shipping too! Only remember to use the coupon code you received by email and to add multiples of 6 assorted bottles! Or more 😉



Our offer includes:

1 bottle of olive oil
2 bottles of red wine “nottelunga” 2015
2 bottles of red wine “balzanella” 2017
2 bottles of red wine “terraviva” 2018 (without sulfites)
2 bottles of rosè “milamè” 2018
2 bottles of white wine “terraviva” 2018
1 bottle of white wine “chardonnay” 2018

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