Natural Wines

La Pievuccia is a historical producer of organic wine and olive oil. All our farming practices go above and beyond the strict organic farming guidelines. Decades ago chemical use was substituted with sustainable organic farming practices, respecting nature and actively promoting the life of the soil and the organisms within through the application of specifically prepared composts for various grapes.

La Pievuccia has an organic and completely natural view of wine with minimal intervention from the winemaker, a wine that is made naturally with more subtle and complex aromas, with more precise and true fruit characteristics complemented by the flavours of the soil and subsoil.
All grapes are harvested by hand, and additives to enhance aromatics, viscosity and colour are not used.
La Pievuccia wine is a pure unmodified expression of grapes from healthy vineyards with a level of purity, balance and complexity that is superior to that of ordinary wines.


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