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Spring pleasures

We are preparing the new opening with a great desire for sun after a long winter. In the cellar the new wines are maturing while in the vegetable garden the warmth is awakening the vital seeds that will soon give the first precious products useful to the recipes of our cooks and that you will […]

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Christmas Box Wine and Olive Oil

2018 Winter Offer

Dear Friends and Guests, this year we can look back on a great wine year and a rich olive harvest. For years we have not produced so much, so the work has been worthwhile and we are very happy. We have prepared 2 offers for you this year (and we compleatly cover the shipping costs!) […]

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What will we have for dinner tonight? .. take a look.

Would you like to enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner, made from 100% organic ingredients and totally prepared for you and your family or guests? We are already making the plans to make sure that we offer you the best! At La Pievuccia, we grown only organic and non-hybrid vegetables, raising the seedlings and planting […]

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Easter special offer. Wow!

Dear guests and friends, Soon the days will be warmer again and this special time of spring awakening you could enjoy with a little break, to travel to Tuscany at Easter! We open the new season on April 13th and have prepared for you an great offer: 5 days holiday at Easter time and you […]

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