About us

From a casual encounter to a life together. At the time, both of us, Ulrike and Riccardo, had written our dissertations at the university. We decided to live, and also to work, together; it was an instinctive and natural choice for us.

La Pievuccia has always been a part of Riccardo’s life, having been begun by his grandfather. Ulrike, who was born in Germany, brought her culture and a deep love for nature; our family property has always been the place for an exchange of energies, and with Ulrike it enriched itself quickly with new ideas, taking the farm to a new model of sustainable farming and hospitality.
Mila and Ella, our two daughters, are growing up bilingual and carrying the burden of the double job of learning two languages, but they enlarge and amplify our lifestyle as much as the international guests staying at La Pievuccia, who further contribute to the multiculturalism enriching our lives.

Since 2011, La Pievuccia has been a part of “Biohotels“, an association of hotels that offer a truly green, eco- friendly hotel experience for guests who value sustainability. This brings guests who share a common love and passion for our same ideals, helping us to offer an always improving hospitality.

See you at La Pievuccia!

Ella, Mila, Ulrike and Riccardo



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