Welcome to La Pievuccia

a wonderful Agriturismo in the heart of Tuscany

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Natural wines

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Tuscan flavours

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Vendemmia at La Pievuccia

Welcome to
La Pievuccia

La Pievuccia is a real farm where all our work is authentic, and all our production is organic and natural.
Have a glass of wine and follow us into the vineyards or visit our cellar.
Let’s chat about our love for this land, its flavours and its delicious fruits.
As you relax you will enjoy the best of what we have created so far. We have done so following the rhythm of the seasons, patiently listening to, observing and living alongside nature with upmost respect.

Welcome to
our Agriturismo

During your time at La Pievuccia you can wander through our vineyards or through our fields. Next to centenary olive trees, you can come and visit our cellar and discover the secrets that we use to create our natural organic wines, or you can just relax by the pool, admire the view and enjoy the amazing sky. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a relaxing experience where the love for our traditions, our farming, and our food and the passion and the authenticity that we use to create wines, that are not only superior in taste but also respecting nature, will make your holiday special. For lovers of great wine and natural, organic produce, La Pievuccia is the place where you will experience the true authentic Tuscany.

The Swimmingpool & The Breakfast

Can you dream of anything better for your morning than jumping in our swimming pool under the olive trees, just to be kissed by the sunrise, in time to enjoy our stunning buffet breakfast?
Sitting under the patio umbrellas, where the coffee and cake flavours fill the air, where the vegetable garden produce provides colors and energies for the days to come, your main concern is to stay or go back to the hammock.
We only use 100% organic certified local produce for our breakfasts.

A winegrower cultivates his own vines, bottles the wine, personally catering to his product. He sells all or part of the harvest bottled, under his own responsibility, name and label.

Put simply, organic farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide you, the consumer, with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems.

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